Item: Glyphosphate Product Name: Glyphosphate
Descriptions: Specification of Glyphosate

Common name(s): Glyphosate
Percent Active: 95%
Code number: CY20048655
CAS No.: 1071-83-6
Chemical name: N-(phosphonomethyl) glycine
Empirical:  C3H8NO5P
Structural Formula:                                  

Chemical Class: Organophosphate
Empirical formula : C3H8NO5P
Molecular Weight (M.Wt.): 169.08
2-2. Technical Grade Active Ingredient(s) (TGAI)
Min certified Limits of A.I.(s) (g/kg): 950g/KG
2-3. Physical and chemical properties of the active ingredient
Color : White 
Physical State: Crystal
Odor  : Slight special odor
Melting point : 200 0C
Decomposition point: N/A
Corrosion properties: N/A
Density: 1.13
Solubility in water and organic solvents:
In water, 12,000 mg/L at 250C
Insoluble in common organic solvents, e.g. acetone, ethanol and xylene. Thank alkali metal amine salt are readily soluble in water.
Partition coefficient between water and non miscible solvent: N/A
pH (acidity/alkalinity): 6-9
Flash point: N/A
Explosivity: N/A

Purity:  95% Tech,  41% SL
Package: 1000KGS per bag,  25KGs per bag, for 41% SL, we prvide 200liter drum, 20 liter, 5 liter , 4 liter , 1 Liter packing. 500cc, 250cc packing.

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